Palestine TX

Palestine TX

Our Vision as a trusted, global provider of quality chemical solutions for today's industries including oil and gas, mining, water treatment and beyond.

Our mission is to provide informative, cost effective solutions by delivering innovative products to satisfy the needs of our customers and help maximize their overall production.  We do not believe in a one-size fits all approach.  Instead, we focus on properly identifying the root of the problem; this enables us to recommend the best products for a proper resolution.  Our mission is to develop trustworthy relationships with those we serve so that we may achieve mutual success.  

Our Values

Safety- Above all else, safety is our top concern.  Whether in our premises or yours, we take special measures to ensure the safety of all involved.  Our products are packaged and shipped with the highest level of protection so that they arrive safe to their destination. 

Products- We pride ourselves in manufacturing innovative, high quality products for our customers.  Every batch we produce is led through a multiple-step process to ensure top performance level.  From initial development, to custom blending, quality control testing and airtight packaging, our products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Environment- We believe in minimizing our global footprint.  We have developed a manufacturing process that is sensitive to the environment and adheres to the laws devoted to protecting our earth.