The Problem

The variety of chemical combinations found during drilling leads to the formation of buildup and other chemical reactions that have a direct impact on the process.  Surfactants are widely used in the crude oil drilling in multiple applications including tank bottom cleanup, controlling injection pressure, and removing calcium carbonate, among other uses.  Additionally, foamers, a type of surfactant, are a safer, cost-effective alternative for gas well unloading.  

The Baze Solution

We develop a large selection of surfactants to be used in many applications specifically for the drilling industry.  Due to the significant number of uses of surfactants, our chemical consultants will work with you in selecting a fit-for-purpose product based on your desired application.  Choosing the best product will reduce your recovery time and increase your productivity.

Contact a Baze Chemical Sales Consultant today to learn how we can provide your operation with a competitive edge.