Reaction occurs in the water phase to form stable, water-soluble reaction products


Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger for use in drilling, flow-line, and bubble tower applications.  Theoretically, in excess of 3lbs of H2S may be removed per lb of INC993.  The scavenging efficiency will depend on contact time, pressure, temperature, gas velocities, moisture content, product concentration, mass transfer, and water dilution.  The preferred application for INC993 should be in a bubble tower, where the tower is filled to half of its volume with INC993.  INC993 may also be atomized on a continuous basis at the wellhead or upstream of a gas separator.  Depending on the application, initial treatment rates should be set between 0.3 to 0.5 gallons of INC993 per ppm of H2S per million SCF per day.  For drilling applications, it is recommended that the suction pit be slugged with one drum of the product to saturate the system, thereafter slugging with 5 gallons every tower.