Economical Gas Well Unloading and Cleanouts -

Foamer that has been formulated from anionic surfactants, builders, and foam boosters to provide excellent performance in light to heavy brines of up to 10lbs per gal.  INC932 was developed to be used in air mist/ stable foam drilling applications, and exhibits good tolerance to downhole influx of hydrocarbons, as well as high calcium tolerance.  Typical recommended concentrations on INC932 range from 0.3% to 2.0% by volume (2 to 8gal of INC932 per 10 barrels of brine water), but depend on drilling methods, brine concentration, and downhole conditions.  INC932 can also be used as an aid in gas well unloading and clean outs by slugging 5 to 10 gallons down the production string or by a continuous treatment down the annular space where possible at a rate of 1qt to 2gal per day, based on the downhole conditions and the amount of fluids produced.