Method of Clarification

Suggested Method of Clarification

In any blend, it sometimes helps to add small amounts of either IPA or Methanol if needed for clarity (choice of alcohol depends on the blend). It has been our experience that if a blend does not appear to be completely clear, it will separate, causing unnecessary reworking of the blend further down the line, with possible loss of business. For the most part, in water based blends, it is the calcium in the water used to blend the product with that will cause a small amount of floc to form, especially in the higher pH materials. Therefore, it is recommended that when this is the case, a small amount of Versene 100 (EDTA solution) be added to the water prior to blending to chelate the calcium. Normally we suggest that the Versene be added immediately after adding the water, but we have seen a re-dissolving of the floc even when added after the blend is finished, but it takes a while to do so.

Emulsion breakers appear to be the most picky when it comes to the choice of Solvent. Therefore, we recommend a solvent with at least 97% aromaticity as the first choice when blending breakers. If this is not enough, then addition of up to 10% by volume of IPA will often clear the blend, although sometimes it may require up to 3% by volume of DDBSA additionally