Baze Chemical manufactures drilling fluid lubricants to aid in torque reduction in slim - hole directional drilling, permitting a higher RPM.  We develop both oil and water - soluble lubricants, which significantly reduce torque, drag, metal surface, wear and prolong bit life.  

Dosages can vary greatly depending upon the application, loading rates, etc.  Baze Chemical consultants will recommend the optimum concentration required to attain the lubricity desired based on field tests.

Commonly used Lubricants


  • Oil - Soluble extreme pressure drilling fluid lubricant.
  • Forms a tenacious film on metal surfaces and is stable under pressures of thousands of psi.
  • Recommended usage rates range from .25 to 2.0 gals./bbl.
  • Not recommended for use in air mist drilling operations. 


  • Water - Soluble high molecular weight anionic emulsion polymer.
  • Can be used as a filtrate reducer, lubricant and bore hole stabilizer.
  • Recommended usage rates range from .25 to 1.0 gals./bbl.
  • The low freeze point enables use virtually year around.  

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