H2S & CO2 Scavengers

The Problem

Natural gas, in its pure natural state, is a combination of gases, including some of hydrocarbon origin, others such as H2S, and CO2, which have no practical commercial value for home use.  Aside from its poisonous tendencies, H2S will become deleterious to the catalyst beds when the natural gas arrives at the refinery.  Therefore, Many refineries will not purchase natural gas containing H2S, or may buy it at a reduced rate.  

The Baze Solution

The proper H2S or CO2 scavengers must be utilized to meet the specifications of H2S and CO2 gas allowed in the production process.  Our trained staff will visit your well site and recommend the best method of treatment based on the present quantities of these gases.  Reducing the amount of H2S and CO2 present in your application results in a higher quality product with a maximum exchange rate.  

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