Baze Chemical manufactures a line of clay stabilizer intermediates to be used in the formulation of products to

  • Stabilize water sensitive clays during stimulation operations.
  • Water - soluble corrosion inhibitors in surface and downhole operations.
  • Packer fluid inhibitors.  

Commonly used Clay Stabilizers

INC 2450

  • Quaternary ammonium chloride compound, successfully used to inhibit corrosion downhole in producing wells, salt water disposal, and injection systems. 
  • Formulated for use as a clay stabilizer (KCI) subsitute in workover fluids. 
  • Excellent wetting agent, surfactant, and cleaner used in solids control ahead of a downhole filming corrosion inhibitor treatment.  

INC 1876

  • Cationic Compound designed to prevent swelling and migration of clay platelets and silica fines.
  • Formulations are dispersible to completely soluble in all brines, including those normally found in the:
    • Oil Field
    • Saturated Salt Water
    • Sea Waters
    • Calcium Chloride Brines. 

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